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Knight Family Chiropractic Clinics

We are Knight Family Chiropractic Denison and we are here to serve YOU!

Why Knight Family Chiropractic?
We love people of all ages, we love families, we love our community and we LOVE to serve! It is our mission to help families discover their God-given potential to Get Well, Move Well, and Stay Well using clinically proven chiropractic techniques. Come experience excellence in chiropractic care & live the life you were meant to live!

Remember, "You were meant for more!"

Dr. Ryan Knight

Founder & CEO // Chiropractor

Our Services

get moving again

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Chiropractic treatment

Who we can help

What is your goal? We want to help you not only feel better, but to treat the root cause of your symptoms. We treat everyone using techniques specific to your condition and circumstances, in order to achieve the best results possible.


Expecting Mothers

Want OB approved care?
Want less pain?
Want up to 33% faster labor time?


Infants & Children

Want Pediatrician approved care?
Need help with earaches, headaches, and symptoms of colic?



Want to be the best version of you?
Stop letting your pain rob you and those you care about. We can help you get well and stay well!



Want to outlive your mobility?
We can help you move
well and stay well!


The Knight Family Chiropractic Mission

Our mission is to reach at least 80% of Sherman, Denison, Anna, Texas and Durant, Oklahoma with awesome chiropractic care. As part of your healthcare team, we want to help families discover their God-given potential to Get Well, Move Well, and Stay Well using clinically proven chiropractic techniques. We want to help our patients realize pain relief, increased mobilization, and wellness by utilizing chiropractic care.

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    satisfied patients
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  • Shout out to my friends at Knight Family Chiropractic and Dr. Justin Turner DC! I have suffered with low back pain constantly for at least the last 8 months. I’ve had pain/steroid injections twice with short 1-2 days of some relief. I was considering having the nerves in my back ablated ( burned) … then finally listened to Dr. Ryan Knight and started Chiropractic care with Dr. Turner. This morning after only 4 visits I was able to get out of bed without pain, grimacing and reaching for something to hold on to while trying to get upright. When you have chronic pain you forget the joy in the small things you could do before the pain started? The staff there are gentle, professional and encouraging! I didn’t think I had time in my busy day to go to the Chiropractor, but realize now how much time being in constant pain was stealing from my day, my job and my family! Thank you, Knight Family Chiropractic for giving me my time back without pain?

    Lori R

    Denison Patient
  • After a pregnancy left my hips hurting so bad, I came to Dr. Knight for an adjustment. I felt a difference immediately. I had adjustments with my last pregnancy and it helped me to have less discomfort during the last trimester. My kids come with me now. We rarely have to wait very long and the staff are fantastic. We are so thankful for their service.


    Denison Patient
  • Excellent doctors and office staff!! They take the time to answer every question, let you tell your stories (even if they are trivial). I came in for a promotional special to have my back looked at because of sciatic pain. I now have tremendously less pain from the sciatic nerve. I feel better, sleep better, and have an overall better outlook! Thank you all for everything!


    Denison Patient
  • I hope I’m not jinxing myself, but I must admit since I have been going to Knight Chiropractics I have not had a headache. I have had them for a couple of years, and attributed them to sinus issues. I am pretty sure a good alignment of my neck is the true solution. Thank you everyone at Knight’s Chiropractic!


    Denison Patient
  • Great environment and amazing staff. My son has autism and he loves it here.


    Denison Patient
  • I have received great service at Knight family chiropractic the staff and doctors are phenomenal and I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else you walk in and they always greet you with a smile and say good morning and they have made me feel so much better when I went in my back was in bad shape but now I have more movement and my back rarely ever hurts I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat thanks for all you do for your patients.


    Denison Patient

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