Give Well Project: Anna

Our Goals

With the Give Well Project, we want to partner with organizations who are making an impact on their community. In doing so, we want to raise awareness and provide support to make their impact even greater! We believe when you get well, you move well. So that you can stay well. Once you have lasting wellness you are better able to GIVE WELL! Giving back to your family, friends, and even your community! We hope you will join us on this mission to change lives!

How you can help!

When volunteering opportunities arise. We hope you will join our team in contributing to our cause! We will also accept donations on behalf of our chosen organization!

Where you can give?

Below, there is a link where you can find our partner and give directly to them! We want to use our platform to impact their organization in a big way. Whatever amount you are able to, we encourage it! Those donations will go directly to them in an effort give them the financial freedom to make an even greater impact than previously made!

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Where the fees go

  • When you schedule an appointment, our Gift of Health, which covers your consultation with the Doctor.
  • In-Depth Chiropractic, Orthopedic & Neurological Exam
  • X-rays ( if clinically necessary)
  • Therapies to promote healing & comfort
  • A Report of the Doctor’s Findings all for $39!
  • Every time that $39 is collected those funds will be given to our chosen organization!

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